It is now year 2040 and the U.S. has experienced many challenges and changes along the way to ensuring her dominate position as the world’s super power. During this period its government’s highest and most powerful figurehead position, the presidency, has undergone its fair share of changes too. This includes having a woman, a Hispanic and most recently a string of African-American men as president of the US.  

Throughout history there have always been radical groups, which have rebelled against change in every manner possible to promote their own agendas.  Fortunately there exists an organization that has been created to combat such diabolical groups.

This secret organization known as the “King’s Men” sole purpose is to protect or eliminate some of the most influential individuals in the world in order to keep the balance of power equally distributed throughout the world. These men and women are some of the most intelligent and highly trained people on the planet.


This is a book of inspirational poetry which is married to biblical verses and was written to offer hope and encourage to its readers as they journey through life.


The city of Cleveland, Ohio is an unforgiving city. Its residents have a tough blue-collar mentality when it comes to family and work. Nothing comes before family unless it prevents money from coming into the household. And it is in this surrounding that Myles and Remonia Kennedy chose to escape Hurricane Katrina’s wrath many years ago.
In tow were their two sons, the elder being Malik, who even as a youngster was already tagged to become either the family’s first doctor or NBA star. And then there was Jamaal, the younger son by two years who was equally as athletic and intelligent but very lazy when it came to applying himself.
The Kennedy family had settled on the tough east side of the city. Malik would become the envy of every brother who ever wanted a reputation of coolness, confidence and both street and academic intellect. Every sister, Caucasian, Hispanic or any other member of the female gender wanted a piece of this brother.
Now the only brother who Malik trusted more than his own was Hakeem from New York City’s Bronx area, who was known as a street soldier that was not to be crossed. They became best friends almost instantly despite their different upbringings. And it’s their unique friendship along with the brother’s love, which ultimately reconnects the estranged Kennedy boys and in the process saves their lives.


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